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Booking Workshop: Riders

Booking Workshop: Riders

 Room 4 | 14:15 – 15:15 | Wednesday

Hosts: Dougie Souness, No Half Measures (UK) & Ben Challis, Glastonbury Festival (UK) 

Are artist and technical riders worth the paper they’re written on? Riders should not repeat or conflict with the contract issued by the agent, but unrealistic or even spoof clauses often make appearances. And with riders frequently received long after contracts are signed, they can cause unexpected additional costs, time, and headaches for promoters and venues. So how can this process work better? Led by Glastonbury’s Ben Challis and artist manager Dougie Souness, this year’s Booking Workshop presents best-case examples for writing and executing a workable rider, while also examining different options for their timing and presentation.  

Guest speakers include:
Keith Wood, Production Solutions (UK)