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Festival Summit: Artist fees

Festival Summit: Artist fees


Room 3 | 15:30 – 16:30 | Wednesday

Chairs: Kim Bloem, Mojo Concerts (NL) & Sophie Lobl, C3Presents (US)

In IQ’s latest European Festival Report, the single biggest concern cited by festival promoters was artist fees. With the price of international headliners continuing to rise, some festivals are now priced out of the market, while others are increasingly turning to domestic talent to fill slots. Meanwhile, unrealistic fees for emerging artists are leading promoters to question whether the concept of career development is now long gone. Is the market being held hostage to the detriment of festivals and artists’ long-term success alike? Clearly, it’s time that festivals and agents had a chat. The third Festival Summit session of ILMC gets into this controversial topic to ask whether it’s time to adopt a more sustainable approach. 

Guest speakers include:
Peter Elliott, Primary Talent Agency (UK)
David Galea, UTA (US)
Dany Hassenstein, Paléo Festival (CH)
Michal Kaščák, Pohoda Festival (SK)

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