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Festival Forum: Overjoyed or overblown?

Festival Forum: Overjoyed or overblown?

 Room 2 | 14:00 – 15:15 | Wednesday

Chairs: Christof Huber, Yourope (CH) & Clementine Bunel, Coda Agency (UK) 

Despite various predictions about the decline of an oversaturated market, the festival scene goes from strength to strength. So much so, that its influence now extends to the political sphere, while the touring calendar gradually shrinks to make room. But in a delicate live music ecosystem, do these powerhouses simply hold too much influence? Or do festival organisers have to be as wary of complacency as ever, with concerns including economic difficulties, ever-present safety and security threats, and increasing competition?  The annual Festival Forum session considers the state of the market and whether the business can have too much of a good thing.

Guest speakers include:

Charles Attal, C3 Presents (US)
Melvin Benn,  Festival Republic (UK)
Stephan Thanscheidt, FKP Scorpio (DE)
Anders Wahrén, Roskilde Festival (DK)

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