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Gender: Calm down, what's the fuss?

Gender: Calm down, what's the fuss?

 Room 2 | 15:30 – 16:45 | Wednesday

Chair: Natasha Bent, Coda Agency (UK)

When it comes to discussing gender and equality in the live music industry, there are a vocal few while the majority fall silent. Meanwhile, as accusations abound in a post-Weinstein world, the culture of film and music are both falling under the spotlight. So does live music have a gender problem? And just how genuinely all-inclusive is an industry that prides itself on creativity and liberal thinking? And for an industry driven by creativity, is there a disconnection between the business and inclusivity? Let’s get it out in the open. Natasha Bent invites senior industry figures to comment, alongside Dame Helena Morrissey, renowned investment banking head and mother of nine, who will give an outside perspective. 

Guest speakers include:
Emma Banks, CAA (UK)
Raye Cosbert, Metropolis Music (UK)
Folkert Koopmans, FKP Scorpio (DE)
Dame Helena Morrissey, Legal & General (UK)
Lucy Noble, Royal Albert Hall (UK)