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The Music Business: United we stand?

The Music Business: United we stand?

Room 1 | 17:00 – 18:00 | Wednesday

Chair: Chris Cooke, CMU Insights (UK)

With live music just one part of a wider music business ecosystem, isn’t it time we had a grown-up, joined-up conversation about where we’re all headed? ILMC has teamed up with our friends at CMU to invite one key individual from recording, publishing, management, agency and promotion, to discuss the future of the broader music business. From artist discovery and brand partnerships, to technology and streaming, just how will the industry continue to evolve over the next few years? Five leading lights discuss a vision for a holistic music business ahead.

Guest speakers include:
Sam Bush, Live Nation (UK)
Paul Craig, Nostromo Management (UK)
Chloe Forsyth, Harbottle & Lewis (UK)
Jeremy Lascelles, Blue Raincoat Music (UK)
Korda Marshall, BMG (UK)
Marsha Vlasic, Artist Group International (US)