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Natalie Fee

Natalie Fee

City to Sea (UK)

Natalie is an award-winning environmental campaigner, and founder of City to Sea, a non-profit organisation running campaigns to stop plastic pollution at source.

As a former London headhunter, Natalie ‘had it all’ by the age of 21… except happiness. So she gave up the fast-paced city life and headed off on a mission to discover what really makes us happy.

Her journey led her around the world, from the Amazon jungle to a yoga studio in Southampton where she trained as a yoga teacher, and became a mother. Natalie went on to work as a life coach, a columnist specialising in green parenting, and as a feng shui consultant in Glastonbury. In 2012, Bristol beckoned where she began working for various positive media channels.

After experiencing a powerful call to protect the oceans, Natalie set up City to Sea, a non-profit organisation delivering local and national campaigns to raise awareness and provide solutions to plastic pollution.