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Business Ethics: Why do we alien-ate each other?

Business Ethics: Why do we alien-ate each other?

Room 2 | 14:00 – 15:00 | Thursday

Chair: Alex Bruford, ATC Live (UK)

Does surviving in the live music business have to include inconsiderate correspondence, unreasonable business practices and a complete absence of loyalty? With many now believing that treating people with respect drives better results for all, Alex Bruford leads a long overdue discussion on industry ethics. Some of the murkier practices scheduled for debate include brutally one-sided deals, over-inflated show costs, dangerous working hours for crews, self-serving decision-making and a general lack of respect for individuals. When it comes to working together, does the industry need to grow up? Should there be a code of practice for fairer working, and just how radically do things need to change? 

Guest speakers include:
Isla Angus, ATC Live (UK)
Semyon Galperin, Tele-Club Group (RU)
Keith Harris, Keith Harris Ltd (UK)
Adam Tudhope, Everybody's Management (UK)