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Venue Summit: Esports

Venue Summit: Esports

Room 3 | 17:00 – 18:00 | Thursday

Chair: Steve Schwenkglenks, Barclaycard Arena Hamburg (DE)

Alongside live shows by YouTubers, Internet personalities and other web-native 'influencers,' esports – or competitive video gaming – is increasingly attracting a new generation of young event-goers to venues across the globe. With major live entertainment companies now buying into esports teams, and established promoters seeing great success from gaming events, this emerging genre is an increasingly hot live entertainment property for its ability to fill arenas with thousands of fans who have little interest in concerts. Barclaycard Arena Hamburg GM Steve Schwenkglenks speaks to those on the front line of a sector projected to be worth $1.5billion by the end of the decade. 

Guest speakers include:
Mary Antieul, GAME/Multiplay Events (UK)
Tim McGregor, TEG Live (AU)
Patrik Meyer, Commerzbank-Arena (DE)
Rafal Mrzyglocki, ARAM (PL)

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