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Venue Summit: Corridors of power

Venue Summit: Corridors of power

Room 2 | 15:30 – 16:30 | Thursday

Chair: Stuart Galbraith, Kilimanjaro Live (UK)

For all the talk about artists and managers holding the reigns, who really calls the shots in the live music business? It’s often a one-horse race in each town for somewhere to play, but with ticket inventory – and the customer relationship – retained by the same buildings that are dictating show times, merch rates and other charges, is the relationship between venues and the rest of the business shifting? And as some buildings begin to discount primary tickets as part of in-house sponsorship campaigns, what effect will this have? From exclusivity deals to marketing and fees, Stuart Galbraith assembles a cross-industry panel to consider who’s really in charge.

Guest speakers include:
Rainer Appel, CTS Eventim (DE)
Michael Brill, D.Live / Venues of Düsseldorf (DE)
Detlef Kornett, DEAG (DE)
Lucy Noble, Royal Albert Hall (UK)
James Sandom, Red Light Management (UK)
Tom Taaffe, UTA (UK)

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