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Brexit 2025: Looking back

Brexit 2025: Looking back

Room 3 | 10:00 – 11:00 | Thursday

Chair: Michael Dugher, UK Music (UK)

Once the details of Brexit are finally determined, what effect will it have on the live music industry? Making full use of this year’s ILMC theme, we bring a panel of touring, tax and visa experts back from the future to tell us what happened. Does freedom of movement in 2025 still operate as it currently does? What new restrictions are affecting musicians, crew, and freight, and have increased costs resulted in higher fees for European promoters? And then there are those tricky withholding tax treaties, and the ability to reclaim tax and expenses. Find out the answers to all these and more as our expert time travellers reveal all…

Guest speakers include:
Annabella Coldrick, MMF UK
Oleg Gaidar, Artist & Entertainer Visas Global (UK)
Dick Molenaar, All Arts Tax Advisers (NL)
Okan Tombulca, eps Holdings GmbH (DE)