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Tales From the Front Line pt ii

Tales From the Front Line pt ii

Room 1 | 17:00 – 18:00 | Thursday

Chairs: Paul Crockford, PC Management (UK) & Dan "Steiny" Steinberg, Emporium Presents (US)

The last session of Thursday at ILMC aims to finish things off by reminding us that we’re all in the entertainment business, and also by entertaining us! Manager and ex-promoter Paul Crockford, and US promoter Dan Steinberg invite a variety of interplanetary music industry travellers to reveal their best tall touring tales and anecdotes, jokes, and in some cases downright fabrications, gathered from experiences on the road. Contributions from the floor will be encouraged and welcomed – so don’t be shy! It’s the perfect way to wind down ready for the evening’s festivities…

Got a good anecdote? Then come and share it...

Guest speakers include:
Ossy Hoppe, Wizard Promotions (DE)
Michael Hosking, Midas Promotions (TH)
Nikki McNeill, Global Publicity (UK)