• Bg Chatsworth House Library

Live Entertainment: The disruptors

Live Entertainment: The disruptors

Room 3 | 12:30 – 13:30 | Friday

Chair: Christoph Scholz Semmel Concerts (DE)

Beyond music, the scope of live entertainment is widening fast. New formats, new audiences and new opportunities abound. And with technology pushing some entertainment into Blade Runner territory, disruption is now commonplace. Drone racing, eSport, secret film screenings, fan conventions, live readings of podcasts and VR experiences are all mushrooming, but the changes in non-music entertainment go much further. With live event brands creating their own fans, circuses creating sports museums, media and tech companies building their own live events, the old rule-book has been thrown out. So just how much further will non-music events continue to morph? What are they key trends in this space, and who’s making waves? 

Guest speakers include:
Bobby Bloomfield, The Rattle (UK)
Katharina Frömsdorf, Starwatch Entertainment (DE)
Rafael Giménez-Amaya, Sold Out (ES)
Chris Howard, The Rattle (UK)
Tim McGregor, TEG Live (AU)
Jesse Solomon, WME (US)