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The Agency Business 2018

The Agency Business 2018

Room 2 | 12:30 – 13:30 | Friday

Chair: Rob Challice, Coda Agency (UK)

The agency business was, for many years, the most consistent sector of the live music business. But in recent years, many changes have taken place, and of late, this vital area of the business now appears to be the most volatile. Hardly a day goes past without news of movement amongst booking agencies, agents and artists, while the relationship between agents and other industry stakeholders continues to evolve. Session chair Rob Challice hosts this annual review, and invites leading international agents to discuss trends such as increasing corporatisation, a potential US dominance, and other essential factors that impact on the wider live music business. 

Guest speakers include:
Greg Lowe, UTA (UK)
Scott Mantell, ICM (US)
Summer Marshall, CAA (UK)
Russell Warby, WME (UK)