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Texas Probe 'em Poker Tourney

Texas Probe 'em Poker Tourney

It goes without saying that the live music industry is populated by risk takers and with ILMC’s annual poker tournament this year inviting card sharps from around the universe to participate, the Quantum Casino had to move to a larger space to accommodate increased popularity.

Making use of that space, our intergalactic croupiers also introduced a roulette wheel to the room, allowing those who dropped out early from the poker tourney, as well as spectators, the chance to win a few ‘space’-chips in the casino.

All proceeds of the tourney went towards the Nikos Fund, which this year raised money for Music Support, an organisation that provides help and support for individuals in any area of the music industry who are suffering from alcoholism, addiction, emotional or mental health issues.

Victorious on the night was George Isaak from 32 Media Enterprises in Greece, who collected the tournament trophy and a £100 bar tab. Bar tabs were also collected by second placed Dan White from Liverpool Football Club, and third placed Chris Carey from the Live Data Agency.

Host: Emporium Presents