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Tales From the Front Line pt ii

Tales From the Front Line pt ii

Chairs: Paul Crockford, PC Management (UK) & Dan "Steiny" Steinberg, Emporium Presents (US)

Guest speakers:
Ossy Hoppe, Wizard Promotions (DE)
Michael Hosking, Midas Promotions (TH)
Nikki McNeill, Global Publicity (UK)

Day two of ILMC’s panels ended with the hugely popular Tales From the Front Line, where the great and the good of the live music business competed to see who could be the most indiscreet about their peers and clients.

Manager and ex-promoter Paul Crockford and US promoter Dan Steinberg invited a variety of interplanetary music industry travellers to reveal their best tall touring tales and anecdotes, jokes, and in some cases downright fabrications, gathered from experiences on the road.

For obvious reasons, details of those indiscretions will remain with those who were in the room, but among the hilarious stories were about members of Irish boy bands mistakenly agreeing a sponsorship deal with a cigarette brand, and tour manager tales of working with rock royalty front men nearly being killed by the electric window of a car.

With delegates also contributing their stories of excess from the audience, the panel was once again one of the conference’s most talked about hours. But if you weren’t in the room, you’ll have to make sure you take your seat to hear more juicy industry gossip at ILMC 31.