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The Think Tank: Barry Dickins, Pino Sagliocco & Jackie Lombard

The Think Tank: Barry Dickins, Pino Sagliocco & Jackie Lombard

Host: Gordon Masson, IQ (UK)

In the hot seats for ILMC 30 were Jackie Lombard, head of French promoter Inter Concerts; Live Nation Spain chairman Pino Sagliocco; and from the UK, ITB’s Barry Dickins, whose career as an agent dates back more than 50 years.

Host, Gordon Masson, editor of IQ Magazine, explained that the Think Tank panel allowed legendary figures in the live music business to share their experiences and stories of success and failure down the decades. He then asked the trio of VIPs to randomly select cards from a pack, with the corresponding question being posed by the delegate holding the same card in the packed-out room.

Among the questions put to Sagliocco – who confessed he’d like to be running his own restaurant – were queries about how he, as an Italian, ended up becoming the boss of a Spanish company; what superpower he would like to have; and how to deal with the expectations of upcoming artists when they are greatly out of line with reality.

“You lying bastards!”

Lombard’s inquisition saw her address seismic changes in the live music industry; wanting her daughter with her if she were stranded on a desert island; working with The Rolling Stones; and naming Barrie Marshall and Barry Dickins as her mentors and role models.

In fine comedic form, Dickins entertained the audience with his witty answers to such questions as the most unique thing a promoter has done to get his attention (Jackie Lombard wearing a dress); the biggest fee he’s ever had to turn down for an act (“£5million for a birthday party – I didn’t turn it down, the artist did”); and his wish to visit Brazil and Peru if he ever takes time off from ITB.

And while the trio agreed that the industry probably does not do enough to support emerging talent, it was another hypothetical question posed by Masson that divided opinion. Asked if they would deal with a reunited ABBA if the band insisted on secretly giving 50% of the ticketing inventory to Viagogo, Dickins said he would lose sleep over that decision, but ultimately he would do the deal. When both Lombard and Sagliocco said they would not, Dickins blasted, “You lying bastards!”