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It was ILMC, Jim, but not as we know it…

Between 6-9 March 2018 over 1, 000 secret agents and galactic explorers were observed hovering ominously around  ILMC’s top-secret headquarters in Kensington, London. The great, the good and the green – they came in peace to discuss, to network, to be reunited with old friends, battle with adversaries from other universes, and to have a drink or two. Maybe three.

As ILMC’s go, our 30th anniversary edition had an inter-stellar vibe to it. From lively discussion in many of the panels, to the general buzz around the hotel and the packed night-time events, the live music business seemed as ‘up’ for its annual meeting as ever.

If you want to read in-depth reviews of all the panels that took place at ILMC including the ILMC Production Meeting and the Green Events & Innovations Conference; if you weren’t at the Gala-ctic Dinner and want to find out who returned to their own solar systems with an Arthur Award stowed in their hand luggage, or were there but were too “jetlagged” to remember; or if you want to see the highly illogical behaviour of certain alien ‘live’-forms captured on film during the karaoke... all the damning evidence – and much more - can be found below.

Live long and prosper. Now beam me up…


Green Events & Innovations Conference
The tenth edition of the leading conference for sustainability at live events
ILMC Production Meeting
The eleventh IPM welcomed production professionals from across the globe to discuss live music production
ILMC's First Contact 30th Birthday Blast-off
ILMC 30 officially opened...


Festival Summit Workshop: The innovators
From new forms of entertainment and offerings to the wildest sites and weirdest spaces...
The Open Forum: The big round up
An all-star line-up reviewed the last 12 months in the business, and looked at the year ahead
Ticketing: Paying the price
Pricing, pre-sales and secondary went under the microscope in 2018’s major ticketing debate
Festival Forum: Overjoyed or overblown?
Do festival powerhouses hold too much influence on the wider live music business?
Booking Workshop: Riders
A look at these controversial contract additions
Festival Summit: Artist fees
A look at this controversial topic and whether it’s time to adopt a more sustainable approach
Workshop: New frontiers in merchandise
What's new in the modern world of merchandise?
Gender: Calm down, what's the fuss?
Does live music really have a problem with gender and equality?
Workshop: GDPR
A hands on workshop about navigating the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation
Mental Health: Sound minds
From addiction to depression and more, the negative effects of life on the road
The Music Business: United we stand?
Five industry figureheads discussed what shape the joined-up wider music business will take
UTA's Cocktails & Canapés
Networking and booze thanks to hosts, United Talent Agency
The Dutch 'Brace for' Impact Party
Indian Askin, Canshaker Pi & Iguana Death Cult
Texas Probe 'em Poker Tourney
Charity Texas hold'em poker tournament with bar-tab prizes
The Table Football Coupe de la Galaxie
The late-night table football competition


Brexit 2025: Looking back
Live music pros traveled back from the future to tell us what effect Brexit have had on the business
Workshop: Augmented & virtual realities
A look at how immersive technologies can grow the live business sees delegates looking to the future
The Venue’s Venue: Spaces for stars
First-look venue data, innovation and consumer expectations in this popular annual venue discussion
The Think Tank: Barry Dickins, Pino Sagliocco & Jackie Lombard
An intimate chat with three leading lights who discuss their routes to the top of the business
Workshop: Blockchain & cryptocurrencies
A packed room of delegates try to break the (block)chain and learn how cryptocurrencies can transform the live business
Security: Rock and a hard place
What’s next for a business still reeling from multiple serious incidents over the last two years?
Venue Summit: Sponsorship & branding
Best in class brand engagements of 2017 and how to meet changing sponsor expectations
Business Ethics: Why do we alien-ate each other?
We lifted the lid on murky business practices and asked whether there’s a better way of working for all
New Technology: Star makers
The latest ideas and trends in geekery powering the industry
Venue Summit: Corridors of power
From exclusivity deals to marketing and fees, a cross-industry panel considered who’s really in charge
Country Music: New worlds
An international panel of experts discussed the fast-growing global market for country music ahead of London’s C2C festival
Tales From the Front Line pt ii
Special guests reveal their best, worst and funniest moments working in the industry
Venue Summit: Esports
The new $1.5bn market, and its ability to fill arenas with thousands of new ticket buyers
WME Happy Hour
Booze and booking agents!
Match of the Light Year Football
Annual soccer match featuring the UK versus the rest of the universe
The Gala-tic Dinner & Arthur Awards
A five-star gala evening featuring the Arthur Awards ceremony
The ‘Drunk Side of the Moon’ Live Karaoke
Be afraid. Be very afraid.


The Breakfast Meeting with Peter Mensch
The renowned music manager and industry veteran revealed all to host Danny Steinberg
The Agency Business 2018
The annual round-up of the agency business included the evolution of agency roles, corporatisation and emerging US dominance
Live Entertainment: The disruptors
New formats, new audiences and new opportunities - what are they key trends and who’s making waves?
Nikos Fund Grand Prize Draw
A host of luxurious prizes up for grabs with all proceeds going to charity

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 Feedback from Delegates

"I had the most productive (and fun!) conference of my life. I've been going to industry conferences for over 20 years (Midem, TGE etc), but never ILMC. Well.. more fool me. I felt exactly the same way when I attended ILMC this year, as I did when I went back to Glastonbury for my 40th, two years ago. I AM NEVER MISSING THIS AGAIN!"

Tina Kelly, Livestyled

"I loved it as always, I think your panels are getting better and better."

Toby Leighton-Pope, AEG Presents

"Just wanted to say thank you for making my first ILMC so great! I thought the whole thing was awesome."

Brittany Glossop, Leighton-Pope Agency

"It was “galactic” as ever."

Andreas Henkel, Maya Event

"It was the best ILMC for me so far; and I think it mostly because of the good topics of the seminars and excellent panellists – it was quite easy to continue conversation with unknown people after the panel with seminar’s agenda."

Kari Possi, Blue Buddha Management

"This was my first time attending the conference and I travelled from Los Angeles. The conference was a great way to connect with the buyers that we work with internationally and I found many of the sessions to be insightful and enjoyable."

Kevin Horton, WME Entertainment

"This was my first conference and I enjoyed it immensely. The networking was brilliant and I enjoyed the sessions. The food was excellent. The space was a little crowded overall but I think that actually helps oddly enough as you end up rubbing shoulders quite literally. Keep it up, well done and I’ll plan to attend the next time."

Andrew Bolt, Bridgewater Hall

"Thank you for an excellent conference and gala :-)"

Mari Hatakka, Lippupiste

"This year was excellent. It gets better every year. Myself and many others are now suffering from post-ILMC withdrawal symptoms!"

Ed Grossman, Brackman Chopra LLP


Delegates by Sector


Delegates by Region



The Arthur Awards 2018

The O2, UK
Gillian Park, MGR Touring
Eliza-Jane Oliver, AEG Live
Anna-Sophie Mertens, Live Nation
Natasha Bent, Coda
Anna Sjölund, Live Nation Sweden 
Martin Hopewell


The Table Football Coup de la Galaxie

Stefan Bernhard, Allgäu Concerts (DE) & Alexander Färber, Färber & Partner (DE)

The Dead Man's Hand Poker Showdown

George Isaak, 32 Media Enterprises (GR)

Dan White, Liverpool Football Club (UK)

Chris Carey, Live Data Agency (UK)