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Stephan Thanscheidt

Stephan Thanscheidt

FKP Scorpio

Stephan Thanscheidt, born in 1977, is the MD at FKP Scorpio and as head of festival booking is also responsible for the programme of 17 major open-air festivals across Europe, such as Hurricane/Southside (DE), Bravalla (SE), Greenfield (CH) and Highfield or Chiemsee Summer (DE), to name a few.

He started in the early 90s with his own punk rock band and took it from there and fter booking his own and his friends’ bands, while studying political science, social science and German literature and language at the University of Muenster, he founded his own label.

In 2001, Stephan started to work at VISIONS (one of the biggest and most influential music magazines in Germany at that time) with their own booking & event department, where, in 2003, he became the head of booking & events.

In 2009, he changed jobs and started to work for FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH in Hamburg, where he now helps run the company together with its founder, Folkert Koopmans.