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Oleg Gaidar

Oleg Gaidar

Artist & Entertainer Visas Global (UK)

Oleg is the Head of Artist & Entertainer Visas Global. He has spent 20 years managing immigration for artists (from world-wide tours, to single venue gigs).

Built from scratch (as a division of Scott’s TM) to ensure it fully meets the needs of Live Music Industry, Oleg and his multi-talented, multi-lingual team have ensured artists and the whole crew have the visas, work permits, etc. to perform almost anywhere in the world. Artists & Entertainer Visas Global has earned a strong reputation for providing an affordable one-stop service for all artists' immigration needs… from application forms to VIP services, coordination with consulates to passport renewal, regular updates to ongoing record keeping. 

Their client list is a virtual who’s who of music… with U2, Metallica, Coldplay, Depeche Mode, Rolling Stones, Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Bastille, Kasabian to name but a few.

Many of you have likely worked with Oleg and his team. Still, it may surprise you to learn that he plays piano and used to sing a cappella when he was six years of age!